After the reopening of the market, Argentina completed the first shipment of blueberries to Israel

The same was done from the province of Entre Ríos and will arrive today in Tel Aviv

Last night the first shipment of Argentine blueberries to Israel was completed. This market had closed two years ago due to sanitary issues, and after intense public and private interaction the reopening was achieved. The first shipment was made by plane to Madrid, and today it will arrive in Tel Aviv.

As Alejandro Pannunzio, president of the Association of Blueberry Producers of the Argentine Mesopotamia (APAMA) and vice president of the Argentine Blueberry Committee (ABC), informed the media The shipment consisted of 4 pallets and it was done by the Berries del Sol company, from Colonia Ayuí, province of Entre Ríos.

On the other hand, Pannunzio maintained that the domestic market "continues to develop, and it is very important for our activity to have this growth, not only to locate a good part of our fruit, but also for the enormous health benefits it generates." the consumption of blueberries. Fortunately many prefer it for its flavor, many for its nutraceutical properties and basically all children love it«.

The shipment consisted of 4 pallets and was carried out by the Berries del Sol company, from Colonia Ayuí, province of Entre Ríos

Improve competitiveness

In this scenario of possibilities offered by the domestic and international markets, blueberry producers have been demanding for some time measures to improve competitiveness, from a lowering of the tax pressure, which according to them, "blocks competitiveness and generates uncertainty."

In this regard, Pannunzio stated: «The tax burden we have is tremendous, such as withholdings, the withdrawal of reimbursements, the gross income tax that affects the entire chain, and the provincial and municipal taxes that impact the electricity rate.
Recall that weeks ago blueberry producers from all over the country participated in the Entre Rican city of Concordia, of a regional technical conference organized by the Association of Blueberry Producers of the Mesopotamia Argentina (APAMA).

During the meeting, Alejandro Pannunzio said that the planted area of ​​our country decreased from 4.700 to 2.700 hectares in the last 8 years, when worldwide the area increased by 100% in the mentioned period. In addition, he argued that in 10 years the fruit should have gone from 1,5 millions of tons exported to 3 millions, and yet it went to 850 thousand tons of sales abroad in 2018.

For Pannunzio, The main challenge of the sector is the competition with Chile and Peru, which are countries that are growing in the face of an important world demand, especially in the case of Peru that year by year is doubling its exports.


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