Labor is a permanent challenge for blueberry production

It is no secret to anyone that there is less availability of labor for the agricultural sector. To this it is added that in the last ten years, said cost increased close to 100%, which makes this factor a challenge to be overcome, especially if we talk about blueberries which is a crop that requires a high quantity of workforce.

This was stated by the president of the Association of Blueberries Producers of Peru (Pro Blueberries), Miguel Bentin, who said that the amount of labor in blueberries during the harvest period would exceed in 2.5 times the number used in the crop of asparagus.

In addition, this figure may be higher in the initial years, where the amount of labor in the known blueberry may be higher up to 4 times compared to the asparagus.

"The harvest yield of the asparagus in a normal field should average between 110 to 125 kilos per day, while the yield per person during the harvest of blueberries is between 15 and 25 kilos per day", He explained.

He explained that this high labor requirement is due to two factors. "There is a component of experience and also a component of efficiency in the type of production that, apparently, will be given in Peru, which is a long, spaced and not so concentrated production, so that affects the performance per day.".


Pro Cranberries is constituted by 15 companies, who together have 1.190 hectares of the 1.400 Has of blueberries that exist in the country, which constitutes the 85% of the total.



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