Manuel Alcaíno analyzes the Chilean industry and the market in the International Blueberry Month

"In markets where consumers look, and if they like it, they try it, and if they like what they taste, they buy it, as is the case in China, a fruit that is not of great caliber, but it does taste very good like the Chilean, has much more projection and opportunities ”

The Chilean international analyst and consultant will give a commercial talk on Tuesday, August 25, in the framework of the International Blueberry Month. The conference will address the "Situation of blueberry production in Chile: Analysis of competing markets and countries" and you can participate from anywhere in the world starting at 11.45:XNUMX am (Chilean time).

A relevant opinion

Manuel Alcaíno is founder and president of Decofrut, a company dedicated to receiving and certifying fruit quality, with offices in 10 ports on three continents. In addition, it has the Research Department with the longest track record in the southern hemisphere, publishing reports on the movements of the fruit markets in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States.

In recent weeks, Manuel Alcaíno, referring to the situation of the Chilean blueberry industry, declared:

“Today, the blueberry is a product that is on the market for 52 weeks. Before there was the American offer in the US, then there were two or three months without supply, then came the Chilean offer that covered about 2 or 3 more months, and those were the sale periods. Today there is Mexico, which covers the late part of Chile. There is Peru, which covers the early part of Chile in the US, and in Europe the same thing happens with Morocco, with Spain, in short, there is currently an even international supply in the 52 weeks, which obviously does not suit us, it suits the industry in general, but the Chilean producer does not agree. That situation of exclusivity that the Chilean producer had today lost it and that is an undeniable reality that will not change ”.

A critical and optimistic view

For years, the message of the expert for the Chilean industry has been to start looking seriously at the new genetics available and implement without delay a varietal replacement to regain competitiveness in the market.

"We already have to get out of the varieties that Chile has, which bases 80% of its production on 4 varieties that are not bad, they arrive well, they are solid, but they lack size and that is where we have to invest."

Although in a more optimistic view, looking at the opportunities that open up in the Asian market in the immediate future, he assures that “in markets where the consumer looks, and if they like it, they try it, and if they like what they try, they buy it, as in the case of China, a fruit that is not of great caliber, but has a very good taste like the Chilean one, has much more projection and opportunities ”.

International mega event

The activities of the International Blueberry Month They will happen every Tuesday and Thursday in August and to participate in the talks you must connect from anywhere in the world to the link:

In the technical-professional talks, the most recognized researchers and experts will participate, developing important topics of the crop and its management. The commercial talks will analyze the market, the industry and its projections and will include analysts, consultants and directors of senior industry organizations, such as Proarándanos and Aneberries, from Peru and Mexico, as well as representatives from Morocco, South Africa, Spain, and a diverse range of executives at management level in the markets of the United States, China or Europe.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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