Morocco: 30 million dirhams for a new campaign against the collapse of hives

To eradicate varroosis from beekeeping, an additional 30 million dirhams will be released for a new national campaign to combat this parasite.

To renew its fight against the bee parasite responsible for the collapse of hives, varroasis, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to release 30 million dirhams in the coming days, while it had already initially mobilized 130 million dirhams for the aid program to beekeepers.

Indeed, during the press conference of the Governing Council on October 6, 2022, Mustapha Baitas, Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament and Government spokesman, announced the launch at the national level of a campaign to combat varroasis, which will be done very soon.

Furthermore, we found out about 360 the government spokesman clarified that the campaign, which targets 900.000 hives throughout the country, aims, in its first phase, to eradicate the varroasis epidemic, whose culprit is a mite that causes hives to collapse, also pointing out that It is the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests that will be in charge of launching this campaign, in alliance with the ONSSA (National Food Safety Office).

As for the second phase of the campaign, it consists of repopulating the infected hives by redistributing new colonies of bees. Thus, the actions carried out to fight against this parasite of bees complement the efforts already made by the Government in its dynamics of helping beekeepers in Morocco and protecting honey production, Mustapha Baitas pointed out.

In addition, it should be noted that the State had already disbursed 130 million dirhams for this purpose, following an announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture, made at the end of January 2022, about a special assistance program for beekeepers who are victims of this hive that collapses pests.

In fact, this program aimed to rebuild infected hives by helping beekeepers, launch a national campaign to treat hives against varroasis, and encourage beekeepers to adopt good beekeeping practices, through awareness campaigns.

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