Morocco can become an ideal region for Latin American producers

The political and economic stability of Morocco, added to its modernization, its openness to the outside and its privileged geographical location allow it to act as a bridge between Europe and Africa.

Morocco grows berries on almost 9000 hectares, in a very mild climate that is favorable for cultivation, especially in winter, because there is no frost in the north or south. It currently produces fruit from mid-September to mid-June and the local industry is looking to introduce more plants and varieties to expand its window.

Said Bahajin, commercial director of Chile in Morocco, maintains that Morocco represents a gateway to Africa due to the multiple agreements it has with the other countries of the continent, "to this is added the counter-seasonality of agricultural production, which supposes a great opportunity for fresh fruit companies ”.

Could it also be the gateway to the Arab countries or to the so-called Menasa region?  

  • Fully agree, Morocco has several agreements signed with the Arab countries (...) in addition to the free trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates, which makes Morocco an important hub for the markets of the Arab countries of North Africa and the region Menasa. 

The so-called Menasa region is an area that comprises some twenty countries from North Africa and South Asia, which extends linearly to India, bordering China and the rest of Asia. The strategic importance of covering this area is due to the fact that all analysts indicate that it will be in those markets where the growth in demand for blueberries will be located in the near future. 

Invest in Morocco

Taking into account that agriculture represents 13% of the Moroccan economy and that it encompasses 40% of its population, in addition to the geographical, climatic and logistical potentialities, and the great facilities it offers for investment, it is possible to promote a Great plan for Chilean and Latin American companies to invest in that country.

In this regard, Said Bahajin, explains that the political and economic stability of Morocco, added to its modernization, its openness to the outside and its privileged geographical location, allows it to act as a bridge between Europe and Africa. "To this we must add the trade agreements signed with 56 countries that give it access to a potential market of more than a billion consumers, which undoubtedly offers significant business opportunities," he says, adding that "according to the report COVID-19 health crisis: flashes of hope at the end of the tunnel, published by Attijari Global Research, from the research center of Attijariwafa, one of the main banks in Morocco, agriculture will be one of the sectors that will be strengthened after the current crisis of COVID-19 ”, so he thinks it would be good to support agricultural companies to invest in this destination.

Seminar and Commercial Agreement

“I would like to highlight the work we are doing with our Commercial Office in Morocco, the only ProChile office in Africa, which thanks to the support of Chile and the ProChile Commercial Office in Dubai has, in a short time, managed to support companies Chileans in their internationalization process in Arab countries such as Egypt and Algeria ”, he stresses.

Does the fact that a Chilean company hold an International Blueberry Seminar in Morocco help facilitate the signing of the expected Trade Agreement between the two countries?

  • Morocco has always been considered the meeting point between the west and east, and due to its strategic location it is frequently chosen to host international events. The fact that a Chilean company organizes an international seminar in Morocco helps to inject a new dynamism into economic relations between the two countries, showing that there is collaboration between both nations and an interest in continuing to work with each other. Without a doubt, this is a good sign of the way to this agreement, which would allow this type of action to multiply.

Morocco's exports reach more than 40 countries, most of them to Europe, shipping destination for 98% of strawberries, 99% of raspberries and 89% of blueberries. The Moroccan industry has had a steady increase in terms of exports, especially in blueberries and raspberries.

Blueberries Consulting is looking forward to holding its International Blueberry Seminar at the Hilton Regency in Casablanca, Morocco shortly.

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