Morocco: Activities begin prior to the Agadir International Blueberry Seminar

With a Commercial Technical Tour of two days to the fields of Moroccan producers, the activities prior to the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar what will be done this 13 and September 14 in the dependencies of the Hotel Les Dunes d'Or Center De Congrès, in the city of Agadir, Morocco.

This Monday the specialists participated in the Tour Jorge Retamales, one of the most recognized researchers regarding the different physiological aspects of blueberries; Bruno Defilippi, the most prominent post-harvest expert; and Jorge Esquivel, international advisor and director of Blueberries Consulting.

The group of specialists visited the facilities of three companies in the south of Agadir, where a technical and commercial conversation was generated about the current situation of blueberries in the world.

On the second day of the Tour, specialists will join Matias Viel, CEO of Beeflow and Amine Benanni, president of the Moroccan Association of Red Fruit Producers (AMPFR).

Export power

In recent years, Morocco has gradually positioned itself as a producing and exporting power in the international market for blueberries and red fruits. From season to season, it advances in its development, showing better results, incorporating more producers into the industry, expanding its cultivation area, adopting new technologies and modern management systems, and incorporating new varieties of the crop to further raise the quality of its offer. , which is characterized by producing very good fruit.

The Moroccan industry is an industry that spreads rapidly throughout the different areas of the country, exceeding 4.000 hectares of planted area and increasing steadily in a range that oscillates between 200ha and 400ha each year with new productive projects.

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Fraternal and solidarity meeting

In Morocco, a National Mourning has been declared for three days, which ends today, to which we have adhered with great respect.

The city of Agadir, where the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar this 13 and September 14 It has not suffered serious damage, so the event is confirmed, and in which international and local speakers will participate and present at the meeting.

In this context, the program will be developed with the deepest respect for the victims and it is expected that this great meeting of the international berry industry will be a moment of fraternity and an opportunity to support Moroccan producers and entrepreneurs.

Once the seminar is over, Blueberries Consulting will make a donation of the 10% of ticket sales carried out from Monday, September 11 until the day of the event as support for the victims of Morocco.

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