"Morocco is seen as an important player in the blueberry industry in the immediate future"

Jorge Esquivel Manterola He is an international consultant in the cultivation of blueberries, with extensive experience in farms in various countries of America. In addition, he is director of Blueberries Consulting, a renowned international consulting and communications company that has stood out for promoting the development of the blueberry industry in various exporting countries.

wave of consumption
Esquivel adheres to the projections that by 2030 blueberry production will exceed 3 million tons, a scenario in which consumption will grow 20% in North America, 70% in the European region and 150% in China. This great projected demand forces us to extend the area planted and increase yields, so technology, new genetics and knowledge are essential to face this "second wave of consumption".

Main actor
In this projection, "Morocco is drawn as a relevant player for the global market, not only because of its strategic position with respect to the European, Asian and Eastern markets, but also because of the good soil and climate qualities for blueberry cultivation, its good transport infrastructure and post-harvest, and the administrative facilities for starting new projects”.

"Morocco is seen as an important player in the industry in the immediate future, so our interest is to accompany Moroccan producers in a growth strategy, to achieve a greater participation in the world blueberry market. In this plan, for September we will carry out a complete program that includes modern management systems, the good use of technology, the abundant supply of new plant genetics, proper management of nutrition and many aspects related to postharvest."

"The doctor will go with us Jorge Retamales, leading world-class researcher. The doctor will also accompany us Bruno Defilippi, recognized as the leading expert on blueberry postharvest issues at an international level. Both researchers will participate together with a dozen specialists in the meeting that we will hold in September in Agadir”.

In Morocco, blueberry cultivation is growing, with more than 4.000 hectares and producing over 60.000 tons. Specifically in Agadir, the farms produce with management systems Aboveground. In addition, there are many more technicians than in other areas of Morocco, so the demand for information and agronomic, technological and commercial knowledge of the crop is much greater."

"The most important international companies in the blueberry industry are committed to Agadir, which together with Moroccan producers, agricultural businessmen and international investors will materialize the largest meeting of the blueberry industry held on Moroccan soil."

El XXVIII Blueberries Consulting Seminar the days will be 13 and September 14 in the Conference and Meeting Center of Les Dunes D'Or Agadir.

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Jorge Esquivel Manterola
CEO Blueberries Consulting
Phone: +56 9 3469 3871

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