Morocco and the African Development Bank sign a financing agreement

Morocco and the African Development Bank sign a financing agreement of more than 114 million euros to support a more resilient and inclusive agriculture.

The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki, the Minister Delegate of the Minister of Economy and Finance, in charge of the budget, Fouzi Lekjaa and the National Director of the African Development Bank for Morocco, Achraf Hassan Tarsim, He presided on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 in Rabat, the act of signing a loan contract of more than 114 million euros to implement the Support Program for the inclusive and sustainable development of agricultural and rural areas (PADIDZAR).

The first results-based financing in the agricultural sector in North Africa, this new climate adaptation project will help strengthen the resilience of Moroccan agriculture to the effects of climate change and improve the living conditions of populations in rural areas. .

"Perfectly integrated and truly innovative, this project model will benefit seven priority regions," said Minister of Agriculture, Marine Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki. With a double priority: to strengthen the resilience of agriculture to the effects of climate change in addition to consolidating the inclusion process, in particular for small farmers and young entrepreneurs. The African Development Bank was the first development institution to support our new agricultural strategy ”. He was accompanied by Fouzi Lekjaa, Deputy Minister of the Minister of Economy and Finance,

"With this new program, our desire is to contribute to the development of a more modern agriculture that carries the increasing requirement of inclusion, performance and sustainability," said Achraf Hassan Tarsim, Country Manager of the Bank for Morocco. It marks the course of a successful cooperation that has contributed to change the agricultural sector from a production logic to a value-added logic ”.

This new program will allow the implementation of a more sustainable and inclusive development approach. It will promote the emergence of an agricultural middle class, in particular by creating jobs in rural areas and supporting young women and agricultural entrepreneurs.

PADIDZAR will support more efficient use of water resources with better use of irrigation water and will introduce new soil conservation techniques. It will also make it possible to strengthen the capacities of the actors, in particular those of the associations of users of water for agriculture and agricultural cooperatives.

Therefore, the program will support the development of even more efficient, more resilient and sustainable production systems and will work to improve increasingly inclusive, efficient and sustainable value chains. It will also support the strengthening of institutional capacities to facilitate the implementation of reforms and the execution of investments.

The program is aligned with the Bank's five strategic priorities, the "High 5", in particular the achievement of the objectives "Feed Africa" ​​and "Improve the quality of life of African populations". It supports the new agricultural strategy of the Kingdom of Morocco, entitled “Green Generation 2020-2030”, and the National Program for Irrigation and Drinking Water Supply 2020-2027. PADIDZAR joins the support of the African Development Bank, since 2008, to the previous Moroccan agricultural strategy, called "Green Morocco Plan".

The commitment of the African Development Bank in Morocco, for half a century, amounts to more than 12 billion US dollars. Funding covers the health, agriculture, energy, water, transportation, human development and financial sectors.

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