MC3-Fruit: Intelligent controller for storage and cooling of berries

Berries are vulnerable products that must be treated with great care to guarantee their quality. To preserve lasberries, they must be chilled to maintain their quality and healthy properties, such as their many antioxidants. This storage requires a highly controlled cooling process, in which temperature, humidity and ventilation must be precisely controlled.

MC3-FRUIT is an intelligent controller for berry cooling and storage.

The MC3 series is characterized by its modular hardware structure. This means that there is always a suitable controller for every project. One MC3-FRUIT can control up to five storage chambers with a maximum of eight evaporators each.

Each phase of the storage process requires different settings. MC3-FRUIT has three preprogrammed phases that can be adjusted manually:

  • Cold. When berries are placed in cold rooms, they usually contain a lot of heat from outside. In the cooling phase, heat is removed to the extent required.
  • Storage. When the berries have reached the required temperature, the controller can be switched to the storage phase. In this phase, cooling is started only once per time interval, to keep the temperature constant.
  • Wait. If the camera is not in use, it can be put on hold. In this phase, the camera cools only if it is really needed to supply hot gas to other chambers that are waiting to thaw.

The intelligence of the MC3-FRUIT guarantees that the maximum cooling capacity in the selected phase is not exceeded, which allows an efficient use of the connected cooling system.

cool2Monitoring of the process

MC3-FRUIT can be operated and controlled with a local control panel on the camera, as well as with the VASP software from the PC. This season we will introduce our own application for smartphones to be able to keep track even when we are out of the office.

VASP software provides each user with the correct information. All values ​​can be read simply and clearly, so you can see exactly what is going on inside the camera. VASP offers the specialist a comprehensive data analysis to be able to see precisely if the cooling is occurring as it should.


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