Continuous Improvement and Data: Lessons from the Successful International Blueberry Month 2021

"It is important to evaluate and measure all the things we do to have data that allows us to achieve continuous improvement, because without that data it is impossible"

With full success the second version of "August, International Blueberry Month", corresponding to 2021. The online event took place from August 03 to 19 and its program included the treatment of most of the important aspects related to the cranberry cultivation, his handling most suitable, their local industries and global behavior, and its market, commercially analyzing the main destinations for the fruit.

Moroccan Blueberry Export Figures- Presentation Amine Bennani

In long days, crowned with interesting rounds of questions, the issues were addressed in depth, supported in most cases with updated data and results of latest research done by the most recognized specialists in the industry, above all, with regard to the behavior of the crop in its different stages.

A luxury Panel

As an annex to the event, a panel of experts from Fall Creek, composed of the highest managers of the company in USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, China, Mexico, Emena area and Latin America area, led by Court Brazelton. The initiative was surprising, because it is first time it is done and because it turned out to be a complete live and direct report of everything that happens in the world regarding blueberries.

Global Export Figures - Presentation Cort Brazelton, Fall Creek.

In short, this International Blueberry Month was more interesting in content compared to its first version, so the attendees who were connected from more than 15 countries they were very satisfied with each of the sessions. Clearly, this initiative is beginning to consolidate as an annual milestone in the industry and we are looking forward to hearing from the program and the rapporteurs of the next version in August 2022.

Continuous improvement

The tone of the rapporteurs, both expert advisers, specialists and researchers, was to instill in the different actors of the industry at their different levels, the culture of continuous improvement in each of its actions, activities, handling and use of tools, in the different stages of cultivation and in its various areas.

A culture of continuous improvement that also encompasses technologies and services external to the industry, in such a way as to obtain the permanent and continuous development of the industry as a result.

Measure and record

In this culture of continuous improvement, the main thing is scientific habit of measuring and recording each activity carried out and each phenomenon observed that is directly or indirectly related to the crop, because it is so important to record the dose of a compound and the date and time of its application, such as the climatic phenomenology of a given week or the weight or maturation of the fruits in a specific sector of the orchard. Must measure and record everything measurable and that can be stored as data. All agreed that the data is the most effective input or tool for the crop and for the industry, in its management and commercial aspects.

"Because it is important to evaluate and measure all the things we do to have data that allows us to achieve this continuous improvement, because without this data it is impossible, and without the support of the producers and exporters that converge in the industry, a lot would be done. it is difficult to achieve these advances ”, explains the consultant and specialist Paula del Valle, adding:

"We can do many things in the laboratory, but what really tells the truth is the field tests, the field tests, in commercial traffic conditions that are going to give us the guidelines to move forward."

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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