Blueberry Yield Improvement: Pollination in a Rising Industry

Much of the food that humans consume daily exists today thanks to pollination and if this important process does not exist, agricultural production could be seriously affected, witnessing a significant reduction in its productions.

Approximately around the 35% of the world's crops currently depend on pollination. Whether through insects, animals, wind or water, with direct or cross pollination, natural or artificial, around 70% of crops improve their production thanks to this process.

Understanding that the pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male part of a flower to the female part of the same or another flower, it is an essential process for the maintenance of viability and genetic diversity.

Keanu martin, is a pollination specialist whose research has focused on increase the yield of blueberries commercial by improving pollination.

The expert will participate as rapporteur in the second edition of the International Blueberry Month 2021, in which he will report on the penultimate day of the event together with experts from Spain, Mexico and Chile. Your subject "Pollination in blueberries" It will seek to deepen the importance of the process and deliver new strategies based on its experience in the South African blueberry production.

Fertigation, post-harvest, quality, innovation, technologies and other topics will be mentioned in the online event that brings new faces from Spain, Germany, the United States, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

South Africa in the future

According to the expert in pollination of blueberries from South Africa, the projections for the exports of this fruit from this country, go in an exponential increase. Possibly reaching the 40.000 tons over the next few years, showing a clear trend in demand in this industry.

"Understanding that pollination in blueberries is a vital element in maintaining and growing the industry," says Martin.

International Blueberry Month 2021

The international event of Blueberries Consulting, the International Blueberry Month 2021, brings news in its new edition. New faces, new topics and new speakers from South Africa, Morocco, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Germany and the United States, where training related to genetics and varieties, innovation, commercial talks, postharvest, pollination and analysis of the industries will be offered. different countries, among some of the topics.

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Maria Jesus Frascaroli - Blueberries Consulting

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