Mexico "opens its doors" to US apples and blueberries after the elimination of tariffs on steel and aluminum

The pork meat, fresh cheese, cottage cheese, grated cheese and potatoes were also exempt from taxes.

Washington, United States.- US farmers will return to do business with Mexico, after the Latin American nation withdrew the tariffs that, in 2018, had imposed on various products in response to those applied to its steel and aluminum by the US Government.

In this way, they were free of the payment of impuestos pork, fresh cheese, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, apples, cranberries and potatoes, which represented around 3 billion dollars, a value equivalent to the damage received by the application of US tariffs.

For its part, the Ministry of Economy of Mexico informs, through Official Journal of the Federation (DOF), of the elimination of the retaliation imposed by the 5 of June of 2018 on said American products, emphasizing that it did so in response to the US Administration eliminating tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum originating in Mexico.

The strategy of reprisals launched by the Ministry of Economy to certain American products Among those who stood out the agricultural ones, it was decisive for the decision makers in the United States to pressure the Trump administration to eliminate measure 232 on steel and aluminum from Mexico, ”said the DOF statement.


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