Minister of Agriculture and Director of INIA will give the meeting of the blueberry industry in Chile

“The berry industry has shown modernity and a relevant contribution to the sustainable development of agriculture”

This April 7, at the Monticello Events Center, the Minister of Agriculture of Chile, Esteban Valenzuela, will present his projected plans for the agricultural sector, with the perspective of continuing to advance along the path of sustainable development, good international positioning and food security, among other objectives.

The minister's involvement Valenzuela will be given within the framework of the realization of the XVIII International Blueberry Seminar, in which he will not only present the agricultural policy for the period, but will also hold small meetings with the different organizations and institutions of the sector, to learn about their reality and meet their demands.

“I want to generate unity with the different souls of our agriculture, make it more dynamic with sustainability, and ensure that the tax reform includes the territorial aspect with structural convergence funds, which in Europe and throughout the developed world are the main expense to ensure equity and decent access. to all the services of those of us who live in the rural and urban rural areas”, he explains.

First woman at the head of INIA

The meeting of the blueberry industry – in which national and foreign producers will converge, together with the most important national and international companies – also includes the attendance of Dr. in Food and Environment, and renowned researcher, Iris Lobos Ortega, the first woman to assume the leadership of the Institute of Agricultural Researchers (INIA) in its 58-year history.

Osornina has an extensive professional career. His participation in different research projects to add value and nutritional quality to products produced in southern Chile stands out. She worked as a researcher in the National Future Food Area at INIA Remehue (Los Lagos region), and as Head of the NIRS Spectroscopy Laboratory. Her participation in the seminar will be her first activity with the blueberry industry in Chile.


These important visits, together with the renowned speakers and other participants, are a well-deserved support to the Chilean industry, which after two years of being unable to meet in person, will meet again with its members and a good part of the international industry.

strategic meeting

The robust program of the meeting includes Isabel Quiroz, consultant and representative of the Chilean Blueberry Committee, who will speak about the current situation of the Chilean blueberry industry, then Manuel José Alcaino, president of Decofrut, will analyze the commercial opportunities of the blueberry in the post-pandemic scenario and will address the challenges that the experienced Chilean industry will have to face in the immediate future to improve competitiveness and avoid losses.

After this inaugural and strategic block regarding the industry and its projections, the most relevant technical and commercial information will be addressed to improve the quality results of the Chilean blueberry to face the new standards, in these times of global logistical and economic uncertainty. Topics such as the commercial opportunities of organic production, the use of rootstocks and the use of nutritional supplements to improve the quality of the fruit will be part of the program, in addition to an updated review of the technologies used to improve the post-harvest life of the fruit and overcome long trips to destination without loss.

In summary, the XVIII International Blueberry Seminar which will be held on April 7 at the Monticello Conference Center, will be an opportunity to analyze the Chilean blueberry industry and its position in the global industry, in addition to analyzing the challenges to be faced in the immediate future and visualizing the opportunities that are opening up for the commercialization of Chilean fruit in the international market.

Martin Carrillo O.- Blueberries Consulting

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