There is no growth in Chilean blueberry exports

For the first time in years, the export of Chilean blueberries has not grown. In the last 2019/20 season, 133.650 tons were exported, 2% below the 137.100 tons in 2018/19, and also slightly less than the 135.800 tons in 2017/18.

In the US market, Peru is now more important than Chile

The decrease in Chilean exports is due to lower sales in the North American market. Compared to the previous season, 11% less blueberries were shipped to the United States and 25% less to Canada.

Last season, Peru shipped more blueberries to the North American market than Chile for the first time. Volumes of Peruvian blueberries shipped to the U.S. market grew by almost 50%, reaching 65.000 tonnes compared to 43.500 tonnes in 2018/19 and 23.000 tonnes in 2017/18.

United States: Importing blueberries, incl. lingonberries (in tons)

More Chilean product to the Netherlands, less to the United Kingdom

Exports of Chilean blueberries to the EU (27) grew by 13% to 31.000 tonnes. Within the EU, the Netherlands was the most important customer with 24.100 tonnes (+ 15%), followed by Germany with 4.400 tonnes. However, a large part of Chilean products entering the Netherlands is re-exported to other European countries. The export of Chilean blueberries to the United Kingdom was 11.200 tons, 10% less than the previous year.

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