Countries where we have been present!


Essentially we are professionals linked in some way or another, directly or indirectly to the cultivation of blueberries.

We have achieved our learning by rehearsing, investigating, sharing experiences and permanently relating to countless collaborators who make it possible to be linked in the production and generation of important content of a little-known, delicate and wonderful fruit.

Through the years we have been learning the secrets of blueberry cultivation in its different forms, different management, new production areas, varieties, markets and marketing, acquiring knowledge that we believe should be shared with those who are part of this global industry.

Our mission is to integrate the entire production chain, from nurserymen, producers, input suppliers, exporters, to public and private research companies, higher education institutions, consultants, scientists and advisers.



We disseminate technical content in order to provide the industry with quality and specialized information in tangible and electronic texts.


BlueMagazine is a select magazine that offers a comprehensive and independent view, specializing in blueberries and the world of the agri-fruit industry in general.


It organizes international meetings to train and provide updated knowledge to all actors in the industry. The main speakers, suppliers and agricultural entrepreneurs from different countries participate and meet to share experiences and learn about the progress of the industry.


We offer these activities to learn about the reality of cultivation in situ and share experiences and information with various actors, different management techniques and the advances and innovations that have been developed in the countries.


Through the academic platform Agricultural Seminars, professional webinars are offered as a complement to international seminars. This platform provides a comprehensive and quality offer.


In this section we offer the sale and distribution of copies and various specialized issues for the industry as mandatory reading material for blueberry producers.