Nuevo León goes for red fruit production in the south

The Secretariat of Regional and Agricultural Development (SEDRA) will promote the cultivation of red fruits in the south of the state, since they have great commercial value.

Because they are products of great commercial value, the Secretariat of Regional and Agricultural Development (SEDRA) will promote the cultivation of red fruits in the south of the state.

Marco González, head of the agency, explained that as part of the vision of the governor, Samuel García to promote this type of project, he set up the "Margaritas" Center for Agricultural Development in Galena, an area for the production of also called berries, such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry or currant.

"We planted 2 square meters of two species of berries, particularly blueberries, seeking to adapt them to the region's climate," he said.

"And if we achieve this, we would introduce our farmers to the large-scale production of these products of enormous sale value in the market," said the official.

González mentioned that if he is successful, he will move on to large-scale development of berries in the 4 Horticultural Technoparks in the south of Nuevo León, which are Sandia and Terranova, in Aramberri; El Pronghorn, in Galeana; and Tanquecillos, in Doctor Arroyo.

"Starting this (agricultural) cycle we are going to expand the different varieties. And we will also be able to visualize throughout that year what performance each plant has, "continued the head of the agency.

In the Technoparks, the state has carried out the production of thousands of tons per year of export-quality tomatoes, generating significant economic benefits for the families of the region, who went from peasants to agri-food businessmen.

"So that, in the third year of the Government, we can already decide if it is convenient to expand the Technoparks, now not for tomatoes, but for berries... which is the future and is the present", concluded González.

It should be noted that according to information from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico, the contribution of the berry subsector contributes to the generation of 500 thousand direct jobs in 22 cities of the country and foreign exchange for more than 2 thousand 300 million dollars a year. , with exports to 38 countries.

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