New sustainable package for blueberries

Producers of apples, strawberries, peaches, cherries and investment funds are entering the blueberry business, making their production take more and more strength

Sustainability is in Berries Pride's DNA and the company has long been searching for a sustainable alternative to the plastic container. Together with Bama Packaging, they found the solution in this new cardboard packaging. Using cardboard as the main material, instead of plastic, dramatically reduces the production and waste of new plastic. The square shape also has an advantage, allowing Berries Pride to load 65% more weight on a European pallet. This reduces transport-related CO2 emissions and, consequently, its climate footprint.

In addition to the sustainability benefits, the container is also designed for consumer needs. The large window allows you to view the product. Small fruits can be washed directly in the basket because it has 2 openings at the bottom. The basket can be resealed. The final advantage is the lateral opening of the basket. Easily remove the small fruits you need from the container and close it again.

“We believe that this carton pack is the next step towards 100% sustainable packaging. The new packaging is patented and we are currently testing and refining the strawberry, raspberry and blackberry packaging. Testing will be completed in March. We hope to be in May to May, pack blackberries and raspberries in the box. The strawberry pack will be launched later this year, ”said Priscilla Wolf, Senior Marketer at Berries Pride.

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