Nuova Pasquini e Bini: New pot increases blueberry production yield

Nuova Pasquini e Bini SPA is an Italian company that produces articles for nurseries and home gardening with more than 50 years of experience in the plastic molding sector. The company has invested heavily in research, mold design and planning, meeting customer needs, to optimize container plant cultivation. The latest collection of pots is called “ERACLE” and they are the perfect container for growing blueberries.

«Growing some variety of blueberries in pots guarantees a significant increase in production yield and the choice of pot can be the difference. “With an optimal mix of acidic soil, coconut fiber and perlite, soil structure is no longer a problem.”

"The design of Eracle guarantees oxygenation to the root system and prevents excess water, the main cause of root rot, which in turn favors the formation of an unhealthy environment for the plant."

The bottom of the pot remains away from the ground (up to 4 cm) allowing the plant to "breathe" and facilitating water drainage through several drainage holes.

«If the correct substrate is used, the amount of water will always be optimal. The grooves on the walls promote the growth and correct expansion of the roots with an anti-rot action.

"The material used (post-consumer regenerated black polyethylene, without harmful components and resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as large temperature variations in the same day) provides elasticity to the container and guarantees a long life."

Among the products of Nuova Pasquini e Bini, there are many pots particularly suitable for the cultivation of blueberries like square and round pots Ercole, Vega collection and heavy-duty containers.

"So the substrate is no longer a problem and thanks to these pots, blueberries can be grown anywhere!"

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