Oxyion®: Technology that protects more than 40% of Chilean blueberries, has inaugurated a new headquarters in Peru

Oxyion® improves firmness, along with reducing dehydration and rotting of conventional and organic berries.

Contribution in the Blueberry Industry

For 25 years, Oxyion® has protected the food industry with a solution without chemicals or residues that eliminates up to 99,99% of fungi, bacteria and viruses. With more than 45 million kilos of blueberries treated annually and presence in more than 13 countries, Oxyion® technology is the ideal complement to the hygiene and condition plans of berries, allowing to maintain the attributes and innocuousness in the processes, as well as , effectively control the microorganisms circulating through the air.

This innovative non-thermal plasma technology generates 7 different sanitizing compounds, including hydrogen peroxide, which are responsible for the destruction of fungi, bacteria and viruses. The technology has extensive scientific-technical evidence that provides efficacy and safety to its customers, both in the treatment of environments and in the condition of food, with more than 50 validations and studies at the international level, among them, a study carried out in 2020 in the United States1 which showed an efficacy in the inactivation of Human Coronavirus of more than 99,99% in half an hour of exposure. In addition, Oxyion® technology has been certified as a safe input for organic production in different countries.

In order to contribute to the safety plans of its clients, Oxyion® is designed to work in a wide range of temperatures and relative humidity, including pre-cold, storage chambers, packing, packaging and transport lines. In addition, it has a new application system to finished blueberry pallets that, when used in conjunction with a cover bag, can protect the fruit and sanitize the packaging materials prior to shipment. This process called "insufflation" does not imply delays or hindering the logistics of the processing plants as it is carried out simultaneously. Various studies show direct benefits in the post-harvest of berries such as: increase in firmness in more than 10 Baxlo points, decrease in dehydration around 50% and reduction of rotting2.

Arrival of Oxyion® in Peru

Oxyion® technology is present in the main global blueberry production markets such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Chile and now also in Peru, a country with great growth and development in recent years in different species, highlighting the grapes, avocados and blueberries.

With commercial headquarters in Lima and operations throughout Peru, Claudio Venegas, General Manager Airlife®-Oxyion® Peru indicates “We are happy to work with the Peruvian industry and we invite you to know this pioneering technology in the world, of great support in the post-harvest processes, to guarantee an excellent condition and safety of its fruit in the destination markets ”.


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