The Netherlands: "Blueberry prices are stable and high"

In the Netherlands, blueberries have been selling quite expensive for several weeks. "There is good demand and little supply, despite the fact that right now there are blueberries from Chile, Morocco and Spain on the Dutch market. Chile is coming to the end of their season and will finish a bit earlier than usual, while Morocco and Spain have had some rather poor weeks and are not performing very well. However, I think the situation will change in a few weeks, around week 13,” explains Fred Douven of ABB Trading.

The prices have peaked

Douven notes that prices started to rise about three weeks ago. “Right now, they're pretty stable, but I think we've peaked. 'Old' and 'new' crops sell for very different prices; For example, Chilean blueberries are sold much cheaper than Moroccan ones”, clarifies.

Douven calculates that prices will remain stable until the supply increases. “Within a few weeks, more volume will arrive from Morocco and Spain, and prices will probably decrease. After that, volume will continue to arrive until after week 20“, he predicts, and declares himself satisfied with the increase in the consumption of blueberries. “Demand is good and will continue to increase. We already have a loyal and growing audience that buys blueberries on a regular basis, but now we have to offer larger packs, because the 125 gram packs are too small.", concludes.


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