Perspectives of the dollar - February of 2016

The peso has appreciated, with the dollar falling 17 pesos from its fortnightly highs, reaching 700 pesos. This mainly influenced by a global depreciation of the dollar, generated by the uncertainty regarding the millionaire quantitative experiments in the US since 2008 and their effectiveness in the growth of the United States.

The lower expectation of a rise in US interest rates. this year they have puzzled investors globally, looking for gold as a refuge, which has marked maximum of 12 months.

However, this appreciation of the peso should be bounded by declines in the price of copper or international financial markets, especially in China.

Biweekly Perspectives / (Actual Price 701.45)

The outlook for the second half of February is to BUY up to 698 levels. If it breaks down this level, wait to buy again at 691,5, as we should see a quick drop if this event occurs.

The perspectives of rise in these two weeks should be around the maximum that was generated at the beginning of the month, at levels of 717 pesos. The average range should be between the 704 and 712 during this period.


Source: Fruit Portal


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