Peru speeds up efforts to introduce cranberry, grape and pepper in Chile

The steps taken by Peru to promote the access of blueberries to the Chilean market would be concluded after the fruitful bilateral meeting held by the National Agrarian Health Service (Senasa) with the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) of Chile, in the In addition, important advances were made in the export of fresh grapes and fresh Peruvian peppers.

During the bilateral meeting, both parties agreed to prioritize the list of products of interest for new accesses, with the goal of establishing annual amounts. In this sense, the Senasa raised the objective of access of Peruvian blueberries to the southern country and the SAG confirmed that it will expedite the negotiations with the corresponding Chilean authorities.

Senasa also prioritized the access of fresh grapes and fresh peppers to the Chilean market, whose efforts are very advanced and this 2016 would be completed. In addition, it was requested that Hass avocados be exported from new production areas in Peru such as Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Áncash.

To achieve this, the authority responsible for agricultural health in Peru will send the wording to Chile to include this modification, which includes the 29% dry material level requirement to the current Hass avocado work plan.

Likewise, 2017 would conclude the negotiations for the access of the cherimoya, tuna and aguaymanto, and in the 2018 the access of the granadilla, sweet lime and potato to Chile would be specified.

On the other hand, the topics of interest of Chile were focused on specifying the procedures for the export of tomato and watermelon plants in this 2016, a list that could be expanded when the SAG establishes its priority product groups.


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