Peru: Agricultural Don Ricardo will expand areas for blueberry crops

With an attractive price for the market -US $ 10 per kilo the blueberry has become one of the most demanded products in North America and Europe. Thus, this year, Agrícola Don Ricardo starts the first export of its containers to the United States and one of the destinations will be the Walmart chain, where the product will be carried in its variety of packaging and frozen.

The company does not rule out later allocating part of its hectares for avocados to blueberries. "As a company we have 22 hectares of the fruit and we do not rule out growing in space if we see that the fruit is still profitable, maybe an 25% more, this will be with own spaces or acquiring land, but always in the Ica area", Said Ruth Guzmán, head of irrigation and fertilization in agricultural Don Ricardo.

Cranberry also enjoys production in other parts of the country's coast and mountains. In the market, of all local production, the 53% goes to the US, and other countries that acquire it are Hong Kong, England and the Netherlands. "This year in the market was exported US $ 27 million, which means 2,700 tons of blueberries, and implies growing 100% in relation to 2014", Said Guzmán after announcing the development of the past 18 of June at the JW Marriot Hotel.


Currently Don Ricardo is one of the main suppliers of table grapes to Walmart and thanks to that experience they decided to enter the blueberries. "As the product (grape) was well received at Walmart, they want to work with other products and so the idea of ​​the cranberry was given, and we sell them with the supermarket brands, we are already in the process of having our first export of the product"Said the executive.

Thus, 18 tons of the product per hectare can be extracted, although this year will only be 10 tons / ha. "We want to go slow but sure"Said the executive, who indicated that they will also sell to the American chain Costco and do not remove the scope to enter Asian chains.

In short

Cost. In the sowing of the bilberry, around US $ 1,000 per hectare is invested, without considering the plants. "In Don Ricardo we have 4,444 plants per hectare, but there are some companies that plant it at higher density such as 12,000 plants"Commented Ruth Guzmán.

Figures and Data

Market: Currently there are 650 hectares of blueberries and 1,250 hectares planted.

Advance: It is estimated that this year the sale to the foreign market should grow 40%.

Projection: At 2018 it is expected that there will be 5,300 hectares of blueberries sown.


Source: Gestió

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