Peru: Cranberry, export product with higher growth prospection

The blueberry is the product of agroexportation with greater prospecting for growth for this year, said the director of Agricultural Business of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MINAGRI), Marco Vinelli Ruíz.

He pointed out that blueberries worth US $ 30 million were exported last year and for 2015, that amount is expected to double.

He stated that another product in the Peruvian agro-export basket that has a "huge future" is the Peruvian golden berry or "golden berry", although he pointed out that we need to organize the supply to meet a demand of 4 to 6 containers per week, considering the high demand in the markets.

Vinelli Ruíz recalled that last year the rise and variety of Peruvian agro-exports allowed us to exceed US $ 5,000 million in sales, especially non-traditional products such as palm oil, quinoa, cocoa beans, avocados and fresh grapes, among others of important acceptance in the world market.

"We hope that this year the agricultural exports can reach up to US $ 6,000 million in sales, in view of the greater placements in quality and quantity of agricultural products, but above all, for a more intense work of Minagri in the opening of new markets through the Senasa"He said.


Marco Vinelli gave these statements from Germany where he is part of the delegation of Peruvian entrepreneurs and agro-exporters who participate in the Fruit Logistics fair that began on Wednesday and culminates today in Berlin (Germany).




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