Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay will approve procedures for the transit of cargo trucks at the border

This seeks to avoid that the food supply chain between countries is affected. Details here.

The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Jorge Montenegro Chavesta, participated in a videoconference with his counterparts from Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, with the purpose of addressing issues related to agricultural production, transportation and food distribution among countries in the region amid health emergencies due to the spread of Covid-19.

The event seeks to guarantee the flow of essential goods during the period of quarantine and closing of borders, taking into account the declaration of emergency that several countries have adopted.

In this sense, the Ministers agreed to standardize a procedure for the transit of trucks that circulate across borders and prevent the food supply chain between countries from being affected.

During the meeting via video conference, also It was agreed to establish a working group to coordinate the elaboration and implementation of a regional protocol, which would allow the flow of essential products in the region to be maintained.

Most of the South American Ministers of Agriculture stressed that close coordination between the agricultural entities of the neighboring countries is essential, which will help reduce negative and harmful impacts on our communities during the quarantines established in each country.

Jorge Montenegro, Minister of Agriculture, stressed the importance of formulating clear and precise procedures among the different countries, in order to facilitate the transfer of agricultural products that comply with health care, which will help millions of consumers to obtain products from safe and quality.