"Peru would have more than 2 thousand hectares of blueberries by the end of the year"

Currently in Peru there are about 1.700 hectares of blueberries and at the end of this year they would reach 2 thousand hectares or up to 2.100 Has of said crop, said the coordinator of the Peru Berries National Program of Sierra Exportadora, William Daga Ávalos.

He pointed out that every day more areas of the so-called blueberry are installed, because many companies are investing in this crop, so he said that to have a more accurate figure statistics should be provided on a monthly basis.

He indicated that the main producing regions of blueberries in the country are La Libertad, Ancash. Ica, Lima and Arequipa, in addition the main cultivated varieties are Biloxi, Emerald, Misty and other varieties with royalty.

On these last varieties with royalty, he noted that most come from Oregon and California (United States), however these last ones do not require very cold climates for their cultivation so they are better suited to our conditions. He also said that in Florida new varieties are being developed for more tropicalized climates, so they will adapt better to the north coast of Peru.

Potential for blueberries

William Daga noted that Peru has conditions to become an important supplier of blueberries in the world. "We have market opportunities that others do not have, for example to the other countries their weather conditions their commercial window, while in the case of us with an adequate management of pruning, fertilization and irrigation management we can produce at the moment that the market it is out of supply that they are during September and October when the campaign in the northern hemisphere (United States) ended and before the one in the southern hemisphere (Chile and Argentina)".

In that sense, said that as we would produce in a period where the market does not have blueberries Peru could count on 10 thousand hectares and blueberries without any problem since it would not have competitors and thus we would take advantage of the commercial window to the maximum.

In this regard, the coordinator of the National Program Peru Berries Sierra Exportadora, said that Chile has 14 thousand hectares of blueberries and estimated that within 2 or 3 years Peru would have 5 thousand Has, which would position it among the world's large producers and exporters of this fruit.


Source: Agraria.pe


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