Peru: In Apurimac installed first five thousand blueberry plants

The Apurimac region already has the first hectare of blueberries planted, which implies a total of 1,000 plants of this berry installed in the area, thanks to a pilot project carried out by Sierra Exportadora and the Regional Government.

This crop is grown in the community of Yaca, district of Circa (province of Abancay), at 2.000 msnm, benefiting the Association of agricultural producers Yaca, constituted by 37 partners and producers of said district.

In this regard, the president of Sierra Exportadora, Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta, and the deputy governor of the Apurímac region, Alejandro Huaraca Huamaní, visited the past 17 in April this pilot plot, which was achieved through a Public Investment Project (PIP) .

"Until some time ago the producers of Apurímac cultivated cereals and vegetable stew, but due to the economic benefits that the sale of blueberries generates, many of them have bet for their culture. This is the first production of blueberries in this region and we hope that it will soon be replicated in the other Apurima area", Indicated Velásquez Tuesta.

According to the Peru Berries Program of Sierra Exportadora, one hectare of blueberries yields between 8 thousand and 10 thousand kilograms.

For his part, the deputy governor of Apurímac, Alejandro Huaraca, indicated that this planting in his region is important, since agriculture in his area will change because there is an alternative crop for the people of Apurime. Similarly, supported the promotion of planting blueberries in the other provinces of Apurimac.

"The following demonstration fields, similar to that of Yaca, will be located in the provinces of Andahuaylas, Chincheros and Grau. These areas also have the same height and climate as Yaca, and the blueberry plants will be able to adapt to these lands so that the producers begin to work", The lieutenant governor specified.

This PIP includes the introduction of highly profitable berry cultivation with localized fertigation system, which represents 10 times more economic return compared to traditional crops such as corn and beans. In addition, technical assistance is provided to producers on crop management and daily monitoring of plants, to identify the incidence of pests and diseases that affect this product.

In this way, according to the project, in October of this year the pilot plot will be delivered to the aforementioned Association to continue with the cultivation of blueberries, whose first harvest will begin as of May of the 2016.

The head of the Sierra Exportadora Headquarters in Apurímac, José Laos, indicated that the objective of this pilot project is to generate public and private investment in blueberry planting since it is an alternative product. It also seeks to develop capacities for the inhabitants of the area to learn about the production of this berry.


In the 2014, Peru exceeded the 1.000 hectares sown with blueberries. Of these, La Libertad is the region with the largest area of ​​hectare with 749, followed by Áncash, (86 hectares); Lambayeque (51 hectares) and Lima (46.5 hectares). In addition, the Costa represents the 89% of the crops planted and the Sierra an 11%.



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