Peru: Export of cranberry in the department of Ancash is increasing

The production of blueberries is the new alternative for those seeking to sow for export and obtain higher profit margins. The private company began to send said fruit (similar to grapes) to Europe and North America three years ago.

According to the National Agrarian Health Service (Senasa) Áncash, the 2014 year Ancash exported just under 80 tons of cranberry and more than 300 tons at the close of 2015. The market for these products is made up of: Holland, Hong Kong, England, Singapore and the United States.

The main producers of cranberry are the private company installed in the provinces of Casma and Huaylas (Caraz) and not exactly the small or medium ancashino farmer. Of the total exported blueberry, for example, half comes from the Peruvian company Intipa Foods. Other exporting companies are: Athos and Agroalimentos del Sur.

22-04-16_exportAs the cranberry campaign is approaching, Senasa Áncash has been inspecting the processing and packing plants of the exporting companies for a week, in order to grant them the certifications that allow them to export.

To obtain the certificate, companies must comply with crop reliability analysis, closed perimeter fence, divided and isolated facilities and all personnel must be trained and with a health card.

The data

The blueberry production campaign in Áncash takes place from August to December of each year.

Source: Senasa

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