Peru exported blueberries for US $ 27,8 M in 2014

Peru completed exports of blueberries worth 27,8 million dollars during 2014, which represented an increase of 60% with respect to the previous year, informed today the Foreign Trade Manager of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL), Carlos García .

The business leader added that during the aforementioned period, Peruvian shipments of this fruit amounted to 2,6 tons, reflecting an increase close to 73% compared to 2013.

According to the representative of the CCL, the main market where Peruvian blueberries were headed was the United States, which bought around US $ 11,4 million, which represented 41% of total exports.

Among other markets, Holland also highlighted, which acquired this fruit for an amount close to US $ 6,7 million, with a share of 24% of total sales abroad.

According to the business leader, the increase in the consumption of this fruit in international markets is due to its high nutritional value, because it contains sources of vitamin A and C, healthy for consumers.

Garcia stressed that this product also has good demand in other destinations such as the Chinese region of Hong Kong, where charges were handled by 5,9 million dollars, and opened to other markets in Indonesia, Thailand and Russia.



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