Peru will start exporting blueberries to Malaysia from this year

This after Senasa managed to finalize an agreement, the export of which will begin this year. In this way, our country is consolidated as the first exporting country of blueberries worldwide.

The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) announced that Peruvian producers will be able to start exporting blueberries to Malaysia, starting this year; after the Department of Agriculture of the Asian country (DOA for its acronym in English) confirmed the phytosanitary requirements for the import of this product.

This after the National Agrarian Health Service of Peru (Senasa) managed to finalize these agreements and will be responsible for ensuring, through phytosanitary certification, that the requirements established by both countries are met.

"We remain committed to the agrarian development of the country, this time, with access to new markets for national fruit production, providing our farmers with more market opportunities and alternatives for marketing," explained Miguel Quevedo Valle, head of Senasa.

For the export of this product to this market, blueberry shipments must come from certified fields, and have been processed in authorized packinghouses; They must also pass phytosanitary inspection, according to the requirements established by the importing country.

Once the phytosanitary inspection has been approved, shipments must undergo cold treatment. It is important to consider that the places of production and packing plants of blueberries are registered in the official list authorized by Senasa and DOA.

Malaysia is a new opportunity for Peruvian blueberries, which is added to the 58 markets to which they already have access; Among the main ones, we have the United States, the Netherlands, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, England, among others, who already enjoy the small purple fruit.

In this way, Peru consolidates itself as the first exporting country of blueberries worldwide. managing to send in the last campaign 162.459 tons produced mainly in La Libertad, Lambayeque, Lima, Ica, Ancash, Piura; and Moquegua.

A few months after starting this export campaign, Peru has already managed to send 62.724 tons to 31 international markets; the projection is to exceed this figure, at the same rate as it does every year.

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