Peru led world blueberry exports in value and volume in 2021

Peru participated with 25% of the total FOB value of world blueberry exports in 2021

Peruvian shipments reached US$ 1.201.363.000 of the US$ 4.759.449.000 exported in 2021. In terms of volume, the Peruvian supply represented 24% of the total exported globally.

In 2021, world blueberry exports reached US$4.759.449.000, showing an increase of 21% compared to the US$3.938.381.000 registered in 2020, reported the former Minister of Production Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta.

He highlighted that the main supplier of blueberries worldwide expressed in FOB value is Peru, participating with 25% of the total in 2021. Our country exported this fruit for US$ 1.201.363.000, showing an increase of 20% compared to the US $1.002.975.000 achieved the previous year.

Spain follows with shipments for US$602.736.000 (+39%) and a 13% share; The Netherlands with US$ 564.907.000 (+13%) representing 12% of the total; Chile with US$ 563.609.000 (+7%) and concentrating 12%; the United States with US$ 306.210.000 (+22%) and participating with 6%; Morocco with US$303.475.000 (+44%) and concentrated 6%; Mexico US$246.224.000 (+38%) and represented 5% of the total; among others.

In terms of volume, Peru again led blueberry shipments globally, participating with 24% of the total; followed by Chile with 13% of the total and Spain with 11%.

Consumption projection

The also former president of Sierra and Selva Exportadora, highlighted the entry of new markets for the Peruvian blueberry (such as Israel), as well as its increased consumption in the world market, thanks to greater consumer knowledge about the benefits that this fruit brings.

"The forecasts regarding the global consumption of blueberries are very positive. In Europe alone, it is estimated that blueberry consumption will increase by 7% each year for the next 5 years,” he said.

Blueberry in Peru

Velásquez Tuesta, highlighted that, in 2021, 16.568 hectares of blueberries were registered in Peru, which are distributed as follows: La Libertad 8.056 hectares (49% of the total), Lambayeque 3.482 hectares (21% of the total), Lima 1.453 ha (9%), Piura 1.386 ha (8%), Ica 1.203 ha (7%), Ancash 943 ha (6%), Moquegua 43 hectares and Cajamarca 2 hectares.

He added that the main destination markets for blueberries from Peru in 2021 were the United States with acquisitions for US$ 645.300.000 (+21%), concentrating 54% of the total; The Netherlands with US$279.879.000 (+9%), representing 23%; Hong Kong US$102.375.000 (+151%), participating with 9%; United Kingdom US$ 67.082.000 (-3%), concentrating 6%; China US$ 63.368.000 (-11%) and representing 5%; among others.

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