Peru: Piura is ideal for growing berries

The mountains of the Piura region have become an ideal area for the cultivation of berries, also called "berries", thanks to its agroclimatic conditions of cold and soil quality, said the head of the Peru Berries de Sierra Exportadora national program, William Daga Ávalos.

He specified that in Piura there are at least 15.000 hectares suitable to start the planting of berries and thus be part of the boom of these delicious fruits, in great demand in the world market due to their high antioxidant and protein content.

“The entire Piuran mountain range has the potential to produce different varieties of berries such as blueberry, raspberry, cherry and aguaymanto. The provinces of Morropón, Huancabamba, Ayabaca, and those above 1.500 meters above sea level, are suitable for planting blueberries and raspberries.He stressed.

Piura meets the required agroclimatic conditions, such as the cold in the high parts, the quality of the soil, an excellent climate and the rainfalls that occur from December; before that, Piranian producers could harvest two crops, one in April and the other from September, he added.

Rental income

Experts assured that the profitability per hectare of blueberries is $ 120.000 net. One hectare has 5.000 plants and each one of them yields no less than 5 kilos; that is to say, they are 25.000 kilos per hectare; Taking into account that in the market the kilo of also called blueberry is 10 dollars, with a simple multiplication, we can affirm that blueberries are a great business opportunity, because in the second year the investment is already recovered.

In the case of raspberries, the profitability per hectare is 120.000 soles; The investment is canceled in the first year, while in the subject of aguaymanto, the profitability is of 60.000 soles and is paid in the same campaign.


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