Peru could count on 7 thousand hectares of blueberries in the next 7 years

Peru walks with firm step in the business of the blueberries. Last year, exports reached US $ 28 million, that is, 60% more than in 2013, in terms of volume, the increase was greater, from 1.800 tons in the 2013 to 3.400 tons sent in the 2014.

In this regard, the general manager of Terra Businness, Federico Beltrán Molina, indicated that this sustained increase has allowed our country to position itself as one of the main suppliers of blueberries in the Southern Hemisphere and will continue in the coming years.

"Growth has to be consistent and based on access to genetic improvements that have developed over time. The blueberry is not a product that can be massified overnight because we could lose the possibility of achieving a genetic differentiation at the level of the Southern Hemisphere"He commented.

In that sense, he said that if we work with the correct genetics one could think that in the next 7 years, our country can count on 7 a thousand hectares of blueberries. Beltrán Molina stressed that Peru being the "youngest player in the industry"-Since he entered after 30 years that Chile entered, 20 years after Argentina and Uruguay entered and 15 years after Mexico- has the advantage that he will venture with genetic support which did not exist before.

He also said that Peru has great potential to introduce new berries to the agro-export basket such as cherries, raspberries and blackberries, however he said there will be strong competition with the products of the region. "While there is a great opportunity, you have to take the right steps as it was in the case of the blueberry".

Fruticia 2015 is coming

On the other hand, the coordinator of the "II International Symposium of Super Fruits of Peru" (Fruticia 2015), event to be held next 4 and March 5 at the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru, explained the details of this important event.

"Fruticia is a great opportunity to receive relevant information from the industry, in technical, genetic, commercial, among others, by the world's leaders in the sector"He commented.

In this regard, he stressed that in this edition will be present important personalities such as William Jones of Agricultural Consultan of the United States, who will talk about the importance of soil in the crop and its proper preparation.

He also pointed out that David Brazelton from Fall Creek Farm & Nursery will be present on the subject of genetics, who will present the latest research and applications in blueberries.

The commercial aspect will also be addressed, where first-hand information about the US and European markets and their consumption of blueberries will be provided. In addition, the potential that exists in processed berries will be discussed; among other topics.


The II International Symposium of Super Fruits of Peru (Fruticia 2015) will take place this March 4 and 5 at the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru (Los Canarios 155 - 157, Urb. San César - La Molina).


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