Peru: Plantation of 1.000 hectares of blueberries projected in the first half of 2016

The planting of 1.000 hectares of blueberry seedlings is projected for the first half of this year in Olmos, Lambayeque region, Peru, thereby reinforcing the agro-export potential of this area of ​​the country.

In Olmos, four companies are ready to plant blueberries and four more hope to consolidate the planting of Hass avocado and table grapes. Likewise, an average of 20 workers per hectare are dedicated to the harvest and post harvest of blueberries. As of January this year, a total of 21.602 hectares are prepared for planting.

"This year will be very important to consolidate the business model that has generated Olmos in the Lambayeque region. Towards the end of 2016, the second year of operation, we plan to reach the 15.000 hectares planted, unprecedented in projects of this type developed in the country ", said Alfonso Pinillos, Investment Director of the H2Olmos concessionaire, of Odebrecht.

In addition to the irrigation infrastructure built by H2Olmos, the achievement of agricultural production goals requires other complementary projects, such as the construction of the New City Olmos, the Industrial Park and the Olmos Vial Axis, which will guarantee the competitive development of Olmos

Pinillos added that to achieve greater positive results it is necessary to implement logistic services that allow the storage and export of products abroad, as well as to manage the integration of State entities related to the sector, with the signing of inter-institutional agreements with Senasa and the local water authority, seeking direct support for medium and small farmers.

Source: La Replública newspaper

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