Peru and Chile increase their leadership in the international blueberry and cherry market

On April 13, at the XXV International Blueberry Seminar, the most relevant aspects of the blueberry and cherry industry will be addressed in parallel, both in their technical, agronomic and commercial aspects.

Both Peru and Chile are consolidated as undisputed leaders in their respective fruit industries, blueberries in the case of Peru and cherries in the case of Chile. This leadership does not correspond only to the volumes produced and placed in the various markets of the world, but it is about industries in constant growth and technological development, with a supply of fruit of the highest quality, which have permanent research regarding their respective crops and with a constant plant genetic improvement of their productive varieties

Week 48

According to figures collected from various sources, fruit shipments to international markets up to week 48, which runs from November 28 to December 4, far exceed what each industry sent last season, corresponding to 2021/ 2022.

Peru is the country with the highest growth projections and presence in the world blueberry market, contributing more than 25% of the regional total corresponding to the whole of the American continent, and reaching a presence close to 15% of the global total of blueberry production.

In the case of Chile and its leadership in the cherry market, it should be noted that despite the major logistical problems it has had to face, exacerbated by the trucker strike, the Chilean cherry industry has consolidated leadership and is is in full growth.


The Peruvian blueberry industry has managed to place a total of 168.000 tons of fruit in the international trade area of ​​the fruit, significantly exceeding the 139.000 exported in the campaign prior to this date. They are followed far behind by Argentina, with 5.500 tons, which represents a smaller volume than the 7.800 tons in the previous season, and Chile, with only 4.324 tons, also below the 4.700 of last season.


In the case of cherries, the picture is very different, since Chile has practically no competitors in this period. The volumes shipped by the Chilean cherry industry reach 27.500 tons, well above the 12.885 of the 2021/2022 season at week 48.

Very far from Chile and practically withdrawing from the competition, is Argentina, with 250 tons, with only a third of what was achieved in the past campaign, which was 855 tons at week 48.

The South African industry is also emerging as a newcomer, albeit very timidly, which for the first time exports 150 tons of cherries grown and exported to the international fruit market.

joint seminar

To address this very successful reality of the Latin American fruit industry, the XXV International Blueberry Seminar will be held on April 13 at the Monticello Events Center. On the occasion, the most relevant aspects of the blueberry and cherry industry will be addressed in parallel, both in their technical, agronomic and commercial aspects.

Martin Carrillo O.- Blueberries Consulting

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