For the third consecutive year, the Best with Blueberries campaign is launched in the Central Market

The Argentine Blueberry Committee (ABC) launched its 2019 season highlighting the great potential that Argentina has, the public-private joint work that has been carried out specifically in the promotion of consumption in the domestic market and the dissemination achievements obtained in recent two seasons

On the day held in the Central Market, The results of the previous campaign were presented and the perspectives for production were highlighted within the framework of the investment made. “In the activity boom, we knew how to have 4500 hectares that today are 2700, but with new varietal and genetic replacement we managed to maintain the level of production that is around 21 million kilos. It is a sector that still has a lot to grow and is a fruit that, due to its characteristics, generates a lot of demand in the world ”, emphasized Jorge Pazos, a reference of the ABC Internal Market Commission.

Of the 21.000.000 of kilos produced in 2018, 77% was destined for fresh export, 14% to the frozen industry, and 9% to the domestic market.

"Every year we see how consumption in the Argentine market grows and we are convinced that it is possible thanks to the promotional efforts we make as a private sector in concomitance with the public sector." A good example is the “Better with Blueberries” campaign whose aim is to position the Argentine blueberry as an alternative of mass consumption by promoting the consumption of fresh fruit, seeking to make it known as a natural and healthy alternative to the intake of snacks, sweets, snacks, desserts, etc. ” This campaign is part of the national campaign "More fruits and vegetables."

After presenting the main characteristics of the sector and the blueberry, some recommendations for its conservation and management, from the ABC indicated that other achievements were to achieve a better quality of the fruit and the more constant presence in greengrocers and supermarkets, remembering that Argentina has a 8 months production window, concentrating between September and December.

"We want to continue insisting with the qualities of the product, with training and handling, key issues for the consumer to have a pleasant experience when trying a blueberry," they said, adding: "We must consolidate the experience gained, strengthen the marketing chain , train and publicize the attributes of blueberries, promote and teach the cold chain, arrive with proposals through social networks and continue to spread the campaign # Better with Blueberries. ” 


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