First day of the International Blueberry Month will analyze the main industries in Latin America

The experienced speakers Betina Ernst, Federico Beltrán and Juan José Flores will investigate the berry market for Latin American producers.

This August 16, the first day of the International Blueberry Month will be held, organized by Blueberries Consulting. The online event seeks to promote innovations, in addition to analyzing the challenges and opportunities facing the blueberry industry. Register to have access to the event.

The latter is the objective of the first day of the event: to review the productive situation, surface, production and quality of the main producing countries in Latin America. 

Betina Ernst is an experienced Agricultural Engineer and director of Top Info, a company dedicated to market intelligence, which will start the event with a presentation entitled "Perspectives and projections of Latin American blueberries." The Argentine engineer will speak about the well-being of the industry in the main producing countries in Latin America after the covid-19 pandemic, the start of the war in Ukraine and the increase in costs for producers. 

In addition, the audience will be able to see his report on the state of the berry market, consumption trends, price and demand in the world after the aforementioned events.

His talk will be followed by that of Federico Beltrán, General Manager of Terra Business SA With the talk entitled “Situation of blueberry production in Peru. Challenges, opportunities and future perspectives”, the experienced speaker will talk about the Peruvian industry and the implications of logistical problems, increased costs and lower prices for the projections of the leading exporter of the fruit in the world.

Finally, the director of Aneberries Mexico, Juan José Flores, will demonstrate his long career in this area with the exhibition entitled "Blueberries in Mexico: Challenges, opportunities and future perspectives." The exponential growth of Mexico in the last five years has motivated investment in the farms of the North American country, given its quality fruit and its proximity to its main market, the United States, which receives more than 90% of the total volume of blueberries produced. in Mexico.

During the exhibitions, the audience will be able to send questions to the experts, which will be answered at the end of each day, for a greater socialization of the exposed learning.

The event will be held on August 16, 18, 23 and 25 through the platform Agricultural Seminars. If you want to be part, you can register here and take advantage of the general price valid until August 15.

Catalina Pérez Ruiz - Blueberries Consulting

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