Spain: Strawberry production barely reaches 9% of what was expected in the campaign, half of what is usual

At this point in the strawberry campaign, production should have reached 20% a few weeks ago and yet it barely reaches 9%. He water is the factor that is most influencing this situation, not only due to the lack of rain, but also because of the cut in agricultural water use of 50%.

These are the most notable data from the latest report on the strawberry campaign carried out by the IFAPA Prices and Markets Observatory. This report indicates that in the second week of February the lack of rain has caused strawberry production to decrease by 14%, compared to the previous week.

This decrease in production has not helped to improve prices, which continue to decline. In that week, the second of February, strawberry prices They have decreased by 8% compared to the previous week and it is below the average price of the last campaigns at this stage of production.


The evolution of strawberry prices in recent weeks.

In absolute terms, a kilo of strawberry is sold at €2,04/kilo while the previous week it was priced at €2,22/kilo and the previous campaign it was above €3/kilo. This is regarding prices at origin. Regarding the quote of strawberry from Huelva In international markets it is reduced by up to 12% in Germany, one of the main markets for this product, while it remains the same in France.


The evolution of strawberry prices in recent weeks.

El blueberry, which is at the beginning of the campaign, marks a downward price compared to the previous two weeks. With a price at origin 4,8% less than the week. The raspberry It is the most stable product, for the moment, with production and prices at origin similar to previous years and a value slightly higher than previous campaigns, although the price has decreased in the second week of February compared to the previous one by 0,4 %.


The evolution of strawberry prices in recent weeks.

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