Blueberry growers receive compensation for more than $ 20 million per frost

Two producers in the district of Retiro, Maule Region, received compensation of $ 20.202.624 because of the frosts that affected their blueberry production last October, in a ceremony held in the Matus Room in the town of Parral .

The event was attended by the Seremi of the Maule Region, Jorge Céspedes; the Executive Director of Agroseguros, Camilo Navarro Ceardi; the Head of Area of ​​the Institute of Agricultural Development (Indap) of Parral, Paolo Parodi; and Barbara Cañas of the Agriculture Sub-Department of Aseguradora Magallanes.

The first compensation corresponds to Mr. Crisanto Retamal, a small producer in the area, who had applied for a loan from Indap and who at the same time took out the insurance. It should be noted that thanks to the support of Agroseguros and Indap, he only paid $ 165.614 of the $ 2,3 million that this insurance costs, to secure more than $ 27 million for the concept of planting it in its almost 2 hectares. Crisanto Retamal now receives as compensation $ 8.308.142, for the damage he suffered to be affected by a frost last October.

The second compensation corresponds to the Commercial Company Bullileo that paid $ 1.980.150, while Agroseguros supported this entity with approximately $ 2 million, to ensure almost $ 60 million. Today, the company represented by Cristián Astete receives compensation of $ 11.849.482, depending on the damage suffered by the same weather event.

Camilo Navarro de Indap stressed the importance of being insured, since "thanks to the contracting of the insurance to cover itself of damages of the agricultural activity, as it was in this case a frost, the agriculturists are more competitive. By being able to specialize, they have their investment protected and can access financing, and in better conditions. Now, despite the losses suffered, farmers can honor their commitments and face the next agricultural season in good shape".

The denunciation of Crisanto Retamal was made in the 10 of October of 2014, the first inspection being made on the 16 of the same month, and leaving the sinister open for a second revision; the one that was carried out at the November 6, where the damage to the insured material was determined.

"For Indap what happened to Don Crisanto is sweet and agrarian, because due to a climatic phenomenon such as frost, the producer could not carry out his harvest, which, had agricultural insurance not gone through, would have caused this producer could not fulfill his financial commitments with the institution and lose the working capital invested in his blueberries. Given the advice received by Indap's Integral Executives at the time of requesting the loan, Mr. Crisanto understood that climate risks must be transferred to insurers, so he hired the Agricultural Insurance and was thus protected. Finally, it recovered the investment, however, the productive losses and the consequences of not having reaped the planned are invaluable"Explained Ramón Masquiarán of the Risk and Insurance Division of Indap.

Meanwhile, the complaint of Cristián Astete, representative of the Sociedad Comercial Bullileo Limitada, was made on October 13 of 2015. The first inspection was carried out and coordinated on October 16, leaving the claim open for a second review, which was the November 5, determining the damage to the insured matter.

"For these farmers, both from very different realities, the loss this year is undoubtedly tremendous. But, unlike other producers in the area who are equally affected, it is because they, being protected and including the insurance as part of their activity, have been able to recover the investment, working capital and continue with the business the following season. Don Cristián exemplifies that insurance is not only focused on small-scale agriculture, but is also useful for larger producers, who are slowly more willing to protect themselves from the uncertain frost to which they are exposed every year.", Indicated Barbara Cañas of Aseguradora Magallanes.

The Seremi of the Maule Region, Jorge Céspedes, valued the payment of both compensation and public / private work, which they demonstrate.

"The attention to the climatic emergencies occupies more and more time, money and concerns on the part of our producers and of the institutions of the State. That is why we must move forward in risk management instead of response to emergencies. The President has entrusted us with helping to add value in agricultural activity and, without a doubt, one way to do this is to reduce uncertainties, so that the farmer is more calm. It is very important that producers understand the importance of being insured and see contracting the policy as an investment and not as an expense. We are going to concentrate on a process of dissemination of the instrument among farmers to increase the number of policyholders in the region".

Agroseguros is a committee created by the CORFO Council in the 2000 year, with the purpose of developing and promoting the Insurance for Agro, and administering a State Subsidy for the co-payment of the Premiums of Agricultural Insurance. The resources for the payment of subsidies and operational expenses of the Committee come from the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture and are transferred annually to CORFO through a Transfer of Funds Agreement.


Source: Daily Strategy

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