Berries producers launch new packaging

Within the framework of Fruit Attraction 2015, attendees were able to see a new container for blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

This is the 'Berrybowl', an initiative that resulted from a collaborative project between Cooperatives Lujovi and Bonafru, together with Plus Berries.

José Antonio Martin of AgroMartin, one of the producing partners of Plus Berries, told Fruit Portal that the development of the 'Berrybowl' took about a year.

"The Berrybowl differs from all other products in the market", Martin pointed out.

"It has the shape of a raspberry and, in addition, the lid has the particularity of having special ventilation. We are focused on a high quality product ", he stressed.

The representative of Agromartin explained that the container -with a capacity of 125 grams- will serve all types of berries, "Except the strawberries because they do not fit".

In this way, the new aesthetic of the 'Berrybowl' gives a fresh air to the berries, where the color, aroma and taste of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries will be evident. Also, because of its shape, it makes it very easy to stack it.

Martin pointed out that for now the 'Berrybowl' will only have fruit from its growers-owners in Spain. However, the group could supply fruit from other complementary sources under customer requests.


Source: Fruit Portal

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