What is the "Mexicanness" in blueberries?

"We have to take care of that Mexicanness, linked to the prestige of safety, of social responsibility, and we also have to work hard on environmental issues"

All companies in the world have a name, which with time and visibility becomes a brand, and that brand, depending on its behavior and prestige, begins to become a style, a way of life, a story. This is also the case for products associated with countries. Not infrequently we have heard of the “country brand”.

In the case of the fruit industry, this phenomenon is not different and has deepened in the last decade, due to the globalization of the industry and the high competitiveness of the supply in the markets, which has caused an urgent need for differentiation.

What makes us different

In the case of blueberries, this differentiation can be in flavor, size, firmness, bloom, turgor, sweetness or other qualities of appearance or consumption experience, but when these qualities have little differentiating range, other factors are used to achieve the preference of the consumers.

The traceability of the product, its water or carbon footprint, the sustainability of its production process, the sustainability of its industry, the safety of the product, or the treatment of the human resources involved in its production, are factors that are being closely monitored by consumers and world markets, who demand total transparency in the process and responsibility with care for the environment.


At the XX International Blueberry Seminar that was held in Guadalajara at the beginning of June, Juan José Flores, general director of the National Association of Berries Exporters (Aneberries) in his presentation on the Mexican industry, began to speak of "Mexicanization of the blueberries ”and explained that the new graphic with which they are promoting their fruit represents the values ​​of their country.

“Our fruit has a lot of identity and that identity has to do with freshness, with crispness, with sweetness, with flavor, and every day they identify them more with Mexicans, that is why we use the image of that blueberry with the Mexicanness of the charro, now it we want to associate more with that color of our festivals, of our traditions, and part of that we are also doing in the national promotion of blueberry consumption ”, explained the Aneberries executive.

Safety and social responsibility

"We have to take care of that Mexicanness, linked to the prestige of safety, of social responsibility, and we also have to work hard on environmental issues," he emphasized and added at the end of his presentation:

“I want to recall what I showed in the first sheet, about the importance of taking care of the identity of the blueberries of Mexico. Every day they are identifying themselves more as part of that Mexicanness. Today, not only in the world do we talk about the products associated with that Mexican identity, but today when we talk about berries from Mexico, in particular we talk about blueberries ", he concluded.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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