Ricardo Polis appointed regional director of Fall Creek for South America

Lowell, Oregon, USA UU. - Following an extensive search, Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ricardo Polis has joined Fall Creek as Regional Director for South America. Based in Lima, Polis will lead Fall Creek's businesses in Peru and other South American countries.

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Polis is a veteran in the agricultural industry of South America, with extensive experience in the management of production and export of fresh products. Simultaneously with his work at Fall Creek, he will continue to serve as president of the Association of Agricultural Producers' Associations of Peru (AGAP).

«There were many strong candidates for the position of Regional Director in South America, but Ricardo's extensive experience in the agricultural products industry, his leadership skills as a high-level executive and his deep personal commitment to improving and growing the industry. Peruvian agricultural industry, was what made us opt for its profile. We are looking forward to you starting to run our business in South America"Says Oscar Verges, COO of Fall Creek.

Following his appointment, Polis has stated: «When I found out about this opportunity in Fall Creek, I discovered something about this company on my own. When speaking with several clients of Fall Creek in Peru, I was very impressed that the 100% of them praised them as a company. There is also a great family feeling in Fall Creek and everyone made me feel welcome immediately and as part of this family business. I see excellent opportunities for continued growth in the blueberry industry in South America and Fall Creek, as a global blueberry company, is in a unique position to serve producers in Peru and beyond«.

Fall Creek is an international cranberry variety plant and advisory company that supplies genetics, plants and technical support to fruit marketers, nurserymen and growers around the world.

For more information about Fall Creek visit: www.fallcreeknursery.com

Source: Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc.

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