SAG reports on the start of applications against Lobesia botrana, first generation in the Coquimbo Region

The National Program of Lobesia botrana (PNLb) informs that as of the September 5, it will be possible to carry out the applications to control the pest in the first generation in vineyards that are within the control area. The treatments must be started, as long as the variety to be applied is present in a majority way, a stalk or a separate bunch. In this way, applications should start in the earliest varieties in the farm or vineyard.

In properties where conventional or organic programs are implemented, depending on the protection periods of each product, the necessary applications must be made to cover 30 days uninterruptedly from the beginning of the first application made.

In order that there are no moments of deprotection in its cultivation, PNLb suggests starting successive applications one day before the end of the protection period of the previous product applied. Information on the periods of protection of pesticides is available on the Service's website,

According to the SAG, the first application must end in all the vineyard or property under mandatory control no later than the 16 of September of 2015.

The entity also indicates that it is the responsibility of the producer to respect the MRL depending on the destination of the fruit or production purpose, and that it must notify the National Program Office of Lobesia botrana (PNLb) corresponding to its jurisdiction at least 48 hours before to start each application.


Source: SimFRUIT

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