Peruvian blueberries arriving in Philadelphia and New York are expected to remain roughly the same

Weekly Update of Seasonal Perishable Products Agreement USA Mexico Canada.

This report provides a trend analysis of the volume and prices of seasonal perishables. The volume represents the current week and the prices represent the sales in the open market (spot) by the first handlers of products of good quality and general condition, unless otherwise indicated and may include promotional or other discounts incentives.

Rising crude oil prices continue to drive up transportation and packaging material costs in the foodservice industry. Although not a major factor in this week's fuel price spike, the oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, has been highlighted in the media this week as a reminder of how fragile they are. refineries and distribution networks. Diesel fuel and gasoline are currently at their highest levels since 2014, further complicating the transportation issues already at play due to a lack of available trucks and qualified drivers. Increased demand, due to both online ordering for delivery and personal trips to visit family and friends before the holiday season, is likely to continue these trends.

Mexican avocado crosses through the Texas movement are expected to increase seasonally. Moderate trading with a wide price range, but generally trending downward as large volumes continue. Carriers are trying to move fruit from the previous week instead of waiting for higher prices or risking waste. The Southern District of California avocado movement is mostly finished for the season and the latest reports have been issued.

Delays in unloading and inspection waits continue to cause the fruit to show condition problems by the time it reaches the markets. Trading was active with prices generally unchanged. Final reports have been issued for Oregon and Washington blueberries and shipments are largely complete for the season.

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