Regular flights would be established for Peruvian agro-export cargo to China

After the first shipment in 2016 of Peruvian blueberries by air, this type of flow was not maintained, so it is expected to resume it continuously.

( The 21 of November of 2016, after obtaining the respective phytosanitary protocols, Peru dispatched its first shipments of blueberries to China by air. It seemed the beginning of a regular flow of shipments that, however, did not hold in that format.

Asked about this, Edgar Vásquez, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, explained that China Eastern, the airline that was in charge of that first charter trip for the national blueberries, has announced its intention to establish regular flights to our country from this year, which which involves solving some logistical pitfalls first.

"We are still working, it is a big challenge because the distance between China and Peru requires the possibility of going with scales. So the logistics are complex, but we are working so that finally a Chinese airline can come in a way that can constantly ensure the transport of our products to that market, "he explained.


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