“The production season starts more than two months in advance”

“It is estimated that blueberries produced in China will be mass produced and launched in mid-December”

Currently, blueberries on the market are still dominated by Peruvian blueberries, with a small amount of Chilean blueberries. Blueberries from China hit the market in October, more than two months earlier than last year. The market is paying more and more attention to the development of domestically produced blueberries.

“The ones currently arriving are blueberries from Yunnan. In the past, except for some big brands that came in December, most brands launched after Chinese New Year. However, several brands arrived in October of this year. Furthermore, blueberries produced in northeast China, which used to be on the market in March, are expected to hit the market before the Chinese New Year.” Shandong Kunfeng Fruit is mainly engaged in the import and wholesale of blueberries produced in China. Mr. Cai Xinglei from the company presented relevant information.

“If the weather does not change suddenly, it is estimated that domestic blueberries will be mass produced and released in mid-December. Production areas include Yunnan, Guangdong and Jiangxi, and production will be higher than in previous years. This is mainly due to the improvement of plantation management technology and the cultivation of new varieties.”

Regarding the performance of domestic blueberries, Cai said the early arrival volume was small, but still available; Some lots were not ideal in terms of white bloom and flavor as farmers rushed to market early, but many newcomers are already attractive in terms of flavor and size. “This year's Yunnan blueberries are larger, with a size of more than 36 mm or even larger. Yunnan's planting technology is getting better and better, and some production areas have been able to achieve two harvests a year. In connection with other production areas, it is estimated that national blueberries will be supplied continuously throughout the year."

With the rapid development of the blueberry market, the planting area and production of domestic blueberries are increasing year by year. Some high-quality brands have better prices than some imported brands because their taste is more suitable for the Chinese market. At the same time, many orchards are working hard to introduce and grow new varieties: “New varieties that have done well in recent years include Bianca, L25 and F6, as well as research and development varieties or proprietary varieties from individual brands. Some new products were mass produced last year and launched earlier than traditional varieties, and some are expected to be mass produced next year. These varieties have a pure, sweet flavor and are sold at a higher price. “Demand for blueberries in the Chinese market continues to grow.”

Regarding Peruvian blueberries, which are currently the main market, Cai stated that this year's situation is special. The weather in the production area has affected mass production. The number of blueberries reaching the Chinese market has been considerably reduced. The price has almost doubled than before and the overall quality is not as good as before.

“The market can continue selling, but the volume is not great. Quality depends on the brand and variety. Some fruits that arrive are not accepted by buyers due to insufficient hardness. There are also some brands with good management and quantity. The quality is relatively stable. This year, fewer brands are arriving and some smaller brands have not arrived, or the quality of the arrivals is not good and the market is afraid to accept them.”

Regarding purchasing preferences, it is reported that in the past, third-grade fruits were the most popular in terms of volume, but this year price and quality must be taken into account. Currently, second-class blueberries have the best volume, accounting for 60-70%, and third-class blueberries are the least popular. Shandong Kunfeng Fruit Co., Ltd. mainly sells blueberries and cherries at wholesale market stalls.

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