Second Blueberries Consulting International Seminar - AGQ International. Jorge Esquivel: In Peru there is a need for information transfer ...

The director of Blueberries Consulting, Jorge Esquivel, explains in this interview the objectives of the Second International Seminar Blueberries - AGQ International, which will be held on June 18 in Lima, Peru, and takes advantage of delivering a more global vision on the current situation of the Cranberry industry and its projections.

He explains that Blueberries Consulting has the mission of delivering knowledge, transferring experience and advising the various players involved in the blueberry industry, whatever their origin.

The main objective of this company - he tells us - is to share the information with agricultural producers and entrepreneurs, either through its web portal, as in the face-to-face and on-site relationship with its partners. Another way to contribute to the development of the crop is carried out through specific technical talks, as well as through international seminars attended by the most diverse actors of the blueberry industry, from different countries and different realities.

"We realized that important information was captured in some very restricted circles, in libraries, in technical talks with little attendance ... and that the transfer of information was not reaching the true protagonists of this industry ... to producers"Argues, and explains that this was the main reason to build a web portal specialized in blueberries, in which quality information could be accessed easily and directly to have more tools to make productive and commercial decisions.

The function of the web portal is to share the information with the largest number of people and entities that participate in the agribusiness industry, especially in the production and marketing of blueberries, says Esquivel.

Why organize a seminar?, we asked.

Because we see that there is a need for information transfer and because in general these events have become more of a business than a contribution, and that makes no sense to us, so we decided to co-organize it with AGQ - International and plan it on its own.

What is the best date to hold a Seminar?

The technical-commercial seminars cannot have a pre-established date or place of performance, it is the “circumstances” that determine it, and those circumstances are the product of the objective events that are occurring in the different fields of industry, directly or indirectly. We believe that conducting a meeting like this in Chile is not justified every year, however in Peru it is different, because it is a market that is in its infancy, so the transfer of information and experiences is vital for new actors that are integrated into the blueberry crop.

What were the “circumstances” that determined the First International Blueberry Seminar - AGQ International held in Monticello?

We believed that it was necessary and timely to coordinate a seminar that would be capable of integrating the different areas of the blueberry industry with topics such as the current situation and control of pests and diseases, problems and strategies of plant nutrition, quality-oriented pruning, factors of pre-harvest and harvest, post-harvest, marketing, a look at emerging markets ..., in short, a meeting that covers each of the aspects of the production chain, from choosing the right site to final marketing, which is how we understand this business.

And what is the main reason for the Second Blueberries Seminar - AGQ International in Peru?

Cranberry cultivation in Peru is at an early stage, not in Chile, where the experience of more than forty years as an industry, coupled with productive experience in non-traditional areas such as northern Chile, which has more than ten years, it can be vital to accelerate the good development of the blueberry industry in Peru. They need knowledge transfer, they need to know about failures and successes, and that knowledge we are willing to share with producers in Peru and anywhere in the world.

Are there other motivations?

Yes, position Blueberries Consulting as a web portal and consultancy in Peru and in all non-traditional production areas. Our experience in the North of Chile with the use of new varieties allows us to have the expertise in the productive management, packaging and marketing of cranberry. Do not lose sight of the perspective, the cranberry from Peru should not be seen as a direct competition, it will be a complement to the offer of the Chilean blueberry.

jorge_esquivel2What do Peruvian agricultural entrepreneurs obtain with this Seminar? 

They acquire quality information, from top-level consultants and researchers from different fields who have contributed to the development of the cranberry industry in Chile. What we are looking for is for the Peruvian producer to face the production process in an integral way, that the concern be constant, from a correct varietal choice, the establishment and management of the soil, productive techniques and control of factors of pre-harvest and harvest, with the purpose of obtaining a quality product to optimize commercial results. If you can grasp this message we are talking about an unthinkable, exponential development for the blueberry industry in Peru.

The Second International Blueberries - AGQ International Seminar, which will take place at the JW Marriott Hotel this June 18, will be held under the premise: "How to face the technical challenges for the correct development of cranberry cultivation in Peru” and among its exponents will participate the international consultant Antonio Lobato, with the theme “Most important topics to consider in the preparation of soils, planting and irrigation for the correct establishment of the blueberry crop”; Iván Frutos, director of AGQ Internacional with "Post-plantation soil management and nutritional strategies for the correct development of blueberries. Experiences in Spain and Mexico”; Professor Jorge Retamales, with the topic "Internal and external alteration of blueberry physiology through the use of growth regulators and shading nets: research and possible uses"; the director of, Colin Fain, who will present on the "Opportunities and risks for the Peruvian Blueberry in the USA and the Asian market"; and Professor Defilippi, with "Bases for post-harvest management and technologies to maintain a high-quality blueberry supply", among others. In addition, it will have the special participation of the Executive President of Sierra Exportadora and former Minister of State, Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta.


Interview conducted by Martin Carrillo Ortiz

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