Second International Blueberry Seminar - AGQ International: Two export researchers

The June 18 will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Lima, Peru, the Second International Blueberries Seminar, organized by Blueberries Consulting and AGQ International.

The event will travel two of the most renowned Chilean researchers who for decades have contributed with their scientific research work to the development of the blueberry industry in Chile: Jorge Retamales, of the University of Talca and Bruno Defilippi, of the University of Chile.

Professor Jorge Retamales is an Agronomist from the University of Chile and holds a Ph.D. from Michigan State University, USA.

His lines of work are framed in the physiology of fruit trees, especially in nutritional aspects and its scientific contribution in the area of ​​the minor fruit trees, such as cranberry stands out.

The academic argues that the current approach of considering postharvest as an isolated process had been successful so far, since the supply of fruit and the demands were lower, but it will not be in the years to come as it will considerably increase the supply, and having oversupply the restrictions will be greater, so to face the highest demands of quality before the saturation of the markets requires a new paradigm, with an integrating strategy.

"In this scenario, we need a new model, a new paradigm, that has an integrating strategy for the different links of productive work, which are normally handled separately. This implies that the different actors are integrated, from the garden to the final consumer. It is a virtuous triangle, in which we have as the first link the producers, who are concerned about the field and their objective is to achieve the maximum percentage of exportable fruit, then the exporters who take the fruit and take it to the destination markets, the focus of this link is the postharvest life, and finally the fruit reaches the consumers, who make up the entire chain. Said consumers, to continue buying, demand more quality and better nutritional composition, since blueberries are consumed for their health benefits, for their antioxidant properties. Therefore, we must aim for the product to reach the final consumer with higher quality and more consistency.", Says Professor Retamales.

brunodepilippiProfessor Bruno Defilippi, is a Bachelor and Agronomist, mentioning Fruit, from the University of Chile, and Ph.D. in Plant Biology at the University of California.

Professor Defilippi is a researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Research INIA and an expert in postharvest, which is why, according to his opinion, a good strategy of productive development that producers should apply goes through an integral vision and action.

"The most important thing is to start with a good crop, starting with the choice of the variety of the plant, but as a blueberry producer I must understand that the fruit will be sold abroad, that is, I do not arrive as a producer only until the exporter buy the fruit. So, everything you do well in soil management, nutrition, arriving with good fruit, disease control, is key in postharvest, it is super important. If as a producer I did not do an adequate control of diseases in pre-harvest, I cannot ask the exporter or the post-harvest consultant to do a good job, because post-harvest is born in the pre-harvest"He says.

Retamales and Defilippi academics are authors of a hundred publications and books that are permanently consulted by the international scientific community, enjoying great prestige as researchers and academics.

Both will travel to Lima to present their knowledge and the result of their latest research on the cultivation of cranberry. Professor Jorge Retamales will be an exponent on the subject:

Internal and external alteration of the blueberry physiology through the use of growth regulators and shading meshes: research and possible uses.

Meanwhile, Professor Bruno Defilippi will speak on the subject:

Bases of postharvest handling and technologies to maintain a high quality blueberry offer.

This Second International Seminar of Blueberries aims to combine experiences, transfer technology and knowledge to face the technical challenges for the proper development of cranberry cultivation in Peru. In this perspective there are many experts and academics from Chile, Peru, and other nationalities that, like Retamales and Defilippi, will share their knowledge with exporters, producers and different actors of the blueberry industry that will meet this June 18 in the JW Marriott Hotel in Lima, Peru.



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