Tuesday, December 1, 2020 / Week 49


June 28, Sheraton Tucumán Hotel 


An intense calendar of meetings of the blueberry industry that was inaugurated in Guadalajara on June 8, ended in Lima on 13, and has been closed in Tucumán on June 28 with great success.

Unlike the other destinations, Latin American blueberry producers had never met in Tucumán. The management of a crop that is not new in the country had never been analyzed in the region, and the reality and future prospects of the local blueberry industry had never been discussed ... it was a first time and it was a total success.

We are very satisfied to be the first to get to talk and share knowledge with the Tucuman producers, and we are grateful for the great reception we had. Tucumán was the closing of the cycle of International Seminars in the continent. What is coming is the 9th International Seminar that will be held on November 09 in Huelva, Spain.


New actors in the blueberry market:
How to prepare for the new scenario?
Mr. Manuel José Alcaíno
Agricultural engineer
President Decofrut
New trends in legislation
of waste (Europe and USA)
Mr. Miguel Valero
Agronomist, MBA.
Corporate director
AGQ Labs.
Keys to fertigation management in high-yield blueberry cultivation. Looking for a fast and homogeneous harvestMr. Antonio Dominguez
Ing.Agr. M.Sc. Ph.D.
Researcher, U.de Huelva
International Consultant
Nutritional strategies to achieve quality and condition of fruitMr. Gonzalo Allendes.
Ing. Agr. Corporate Technical Director
Plant nutrition consultant.
AGQ International
Physiological basis of pruning:
Why, Why, How and When
Mr. Jorge Retamales
Ing. Agr. MS. Ph.D.
Researcher, U. de Talca
International Consultant
Use of post-harvest technologies (AC, AM and SO2) in fresh blueberries destined for distant marketsMr. Bruno Defilippi
Ing. Agr. Ph.D
Researcher INIA, Chile
International Consultant
Main technical problems in blueberry cultivation in ArgentinaMr. Claudio Nader.
Agricultural engineer
Technical advisor.
AGQ Labs-AgroConciencia.
Mr. Gonzalo Carlazara
Agricultural engineer
APAMA Technical Advisor.

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