International Blueberries Seminar: Specialist in International Business Development Holger Brandt will explain about opportunities for bilberry

The head of the management of cooperation between leading producers worldwide in San Lucar will be the first reporter of the program.

The next 19 in April will be the X version of the International Seminar of Blueberries Chile 2018, organized by Blueberries Consulting in an event that will take place in the Hotel Monticello Conference Center, San Francisco de Mostazal, where all interested farmers can understand the New challenges in the cranberry industry along with expanding your business opportunities.

Just Holger Brandt, Director of International Business Development of the German company San Lucar, will be the first speaker of this event, who will speak about the "Current situation and commercial opportunities for the Chilean blueberry in the European market".

Brandt is from 2010 responsible for the management of cooperation between the world's leading producers and San Lucar, so his presence as a lecturer will serve to better understand the national context and his options for successful insertion in Europe.

San Lucar sells fruit and vegetables from 35 countries and owns more than 2.500 workers from different nations 30. This company, Brandt came after years in the sports industry and the retail industry of the Aldi chain, which supported the entry of the market in Spain

It should be mentioned that according to the data presented by the Director of International Business of Fall's Creek Farm and Nursery, Cort Brazelton, during the International Blueberry Organization, IBO Summit 2017, the 75% of the world production of blueberries is concentrated in Chile, Canada and the United States.

Similarly, Brandt also participated in this event and stressed that "technology will be key to increasing consumption in the vast majority of markets," along with mentioning that "an important trend is the need to develop new genetics."

These topics and many more will have the opportunity to understand during the next 19 of April, in this "Seminar for the new times", in which you will be able to take advantage of the best way the abundant knowledge in diverse disciplines, taught by INIA experts and international specialists .

Source: Fernando Muñoz - Blueberries Consulting.

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